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Profile: Hello. My name is Francesco Finucci and I work as Step-Up Loss Prevention Specialist at ICTS. Most recently I worked as class tutor at Rome Business School. Previously, I worked as journalist and researcher for few years, writing for Italian newspapers (Agoravox, Futuro Quotidiano,, InPress Magazine), British newspapers (Redbrick), British research associations (TAPVA), NGOs (CAAT), websites and blogs (ABC Economics, I also recently intervened in radios (Radio Radio, Radio Luiss) and tv channels (Canale 58) to talk about terrorism. I graduated in International Relations (Terrorism and Political Violence) at University of Birmingham and my main topics of interest are security, terrorism, political violence and conflicts in areas such as the Middle East and North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe. Thanks for reading this and keep up the good work. To contact me:

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